Mike Huckabee: Liar for President

David Hinckley makes some important observations about Mike Huckabee:

"He calls a press conference to announce he won't show a negative campaign spot, then he rolls it for a room full of cameras."

"He says he supports the TV writers in their strike, then seems to think they won't mind if he crosses their picket line to support a show they're boycotting."

"His produced ad spots, meanwhile, just happen to place a cross behind him. Gee, he says, how'd that get there?"

But he'd be a great dinner guest.

That's how W got in.  And that's how Mike Huckabee could get in.

Cause America loves liars that make them feel good.  Bon appetit!

Catholic League Needs to STFU Regarding Britney Pics

The Catholic League takes issues with some Britney Spears photos for some reason specific to their religion.

All I know is, anybody associated with an institution now strongly branded for child abuse by their oh so holy priests needs to sit down and shut up until that situation has been fully rectified, i.e., till all those abusers have passed on to hell where they belong.

Till then, I don't think folks are so interested in what someone has to say "as a Catholic", i.e., your brand is so totally f*cked.  Now get the hell on out of here!

Obama's Crew Steals Indie MySpace Profile

Concerns about managing online threats to one's brand are quite real.  Unfortunately, for Barack Obama, such concerns took an antidemocratic turn as someone from the campaign convinced MySpace to let them steal an indie Obama profile.

Apparently the profile was quite successful:
Established in November 2004 by Los Angeles paralegal Joe Anthony, the page has grown from an unofficial fan site to a grassroots Internet movement, racking up some 160,000 “friends” at last count.

The Obama campaign's action are an example of Online Brand Self Destruction.

Alberto Gonzales Doesn't Know, Can't Recall

Alberto Gonzales Seeks to Evade Responsibility

I'll be honest.  I really only like the Democrats in comparison to the Republicans.  But you gotta admit, the Republicans haven't been this entertaining since Watergate or maybe the Iran/Contra scandal except that, this time, multiple fires have broken out and are gradually moving towards each other.

Guess W. will have to pour a beer on it!

Via The Rap Up.