Bloggers Fail to Beat Metallica at Brand Destruction

Reading about negative responses from bloggers to the news that Metallica has rejoined iTunes reminds me that brand destruction by blog attack is way overrated, even when supplemented by the NY Times.  Metallica's always been able to undermine their relationship with their fans for more effectively than could any group of bloggers unless, of course, those bloggers had a history of being followed by Metallica fans.

Tara Henley: Schooling the Stans and Geeks

Though XXL can be considered a true low point in the brief history of online publishing, they do have Tara Henley blogging for them.  I have to say she's giving the Stans and geeks a lesson in how it's done.

Creepy geeky Stans, listen up!

The trouble with backpack rap

Rappers vs. Internet thugs

Women don’t like music nerds

Male groupies: the real reason rappers need security

Reading the comments relentlessly proves her every point.