Pope Steps Up Game, Blames "Sins Within the Church"

In what has had to have been one of the most disastrous brand self-destruction campaigns in history, aided and abetted by powerful brand attacks from a wide range of antagonists, Pope Benedict XVI shows some smarts:

"In a shift from the Vatican's initial claim that the church was the victim of a campaign by the media and abortion rights and pro-gay marriage groups, Benedict said: 'The greatest persecution of the church doesn't come from enemies on the outside but is born from the sins within the church.'"

Such a statement, if followed by convincing action, could go a long ways towards insulating the Catholic Church from outside attacks by making such concerns an actively investigated internal matter.

However, these guys seem to move real slow, Vatican time, it's not the time of ordinary mortals who have somehow learned to travel the world near instantaneously via screens and input devices.

For some, such responses will always be too little, too late, because how could there be a resolution in the face of such monstrous assaults?

Catholic League Needs to STFU Regarding Britney Pics

The Catholic League takes issues with some Britney Spears photos for some reason specific to their religion.

All I know is, anybody associated with an institution now strongly branded for child abuse by their oh so holy priests needs to sit down and shut up until that situation has been fully rectified, i.e., till all those abusers have passed on to hell where they belong.

Till then, I don't think folks are so interested in what someone has to say "as a Catholic", i.e., your brand is so totally f*cked.  Now get the hell on out of here!