Wired's Bodyhack Launches Open Source Medtrial Investigation

I'm a longtime fan of Wired News through its many ups and downs.  Recently, blogging has been adding a special dimension to the site that's resulted in a project after Brand Destruction Research's own heart [such as it is].

Scott Carney has launched an open source investigation at Bodyhack to "track down crooked clinical trials, medical foibles and ethical gray areas" drawing, in part, on information provided by "people on the fringes of the industry who know about what is going on. This includes professional lab rats (you know who you are), nurses, doctors and whistleblowers of every kind."

You can keep up with this quite innovative project in Bodyhack's Open Source Investigation category.

You know, while most news outlets are busy dissing bloggers, stealing their ideas and policing journalist bloggers, Wired not only has real bloggers (peep Sex Drive Daily for a good time) but they apparently recruited Scott Carney for this project.

That's called leadership in emerging markets, so much better than damage control in declining industries.

Brand Destruction Blogging: Battelle Watch

I don't know John Battelle though we've exchanged a few emails and I think that what he's up to at Federated Media is pretty darned interesting.  I'd hoped to get ProHipHop in at one point, but I just don't think I'll be doing the traffic that I suspect his platform requires.

Nevertheless, I'm always fascinated by such projects as Battelle Watch that claim to be written by insiders who are hiding their identity.

Reading Battelle Watch, I kind of think that Mr. Bubble is more or less who he says he is because who else would care about most of what he's discussing?  I find it interesting but it's not the sort of thing that an outsider would write.

I should point out that, though Mr. Bubble has a grudge against Battelle because he felt dicked over by whatever happened at the Industry Standard, Mr. B. was a happy member of the forces that destroyed the San Francisco I loved up until the collapse put him out of a job.

So, Mr. Bubble, fuck you very much.