Dear Google: Gender Discrimination Against Cougar Dating is Bad for Your Brand [& It's Probably Illegal and Definitely a Bit Evil]
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Rand Paul: Opposes Civil Rights But Supports BP's Rights [Update w/Video]

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Update: Just wanted to add the above video. Man, this guy is squirmy. But Rachel Maddow doesn't let the worm off the hook!

Paul: Obama's criticism of BP sounds 'un-American'

Rand Paul is reminding me of a realization I should have had long ago. Most brand destruction is self-inflicted, even if the final blows come from outside. Rand Paul's attempts to clarify the nuances of his "man with a beer in front of the tv" opinions so far appear somewhat ridiculous.

He's part of a wave of newcomers that are popping up at all levels from school boards to major elections that get in on discontent and a devoted core and then immediately show themselves to be unprepared for the job.

Having opinions is all well and good but demonstrating competent leadership is a very different matter.  That's not to say that he can't win but, to do so, he needs to either recognize that his marketing is now in FAIL mode or go hardcore for those who believe that unpolished, oddball statements read as genuine and worth supporting.


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