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Dear Google: Gender Discrimination Against Cougar Dating is Bad for Your Brand [& It's Probably Illegal and Definitely a Bit Evil]

So Google's advertising department is discriminating against Cougar dating services, i.e. sites that help older women and younger men hook up, by kicking out of their advertising program. In an email message they are said to have clarified that they're against the "concept of 'cougar dating' as a whole".

So somebody with a high SAT score revealed their ageist, sexist prejudice and may have put Google in line for the sort of legal challenges that are a lot easier for a big company to lose than patent cases.

You know, scaring people off with your big d*ck of a legal fund ain't gonna work forever, Google, especially when it comes to social justice issues, i.e., older women deserve it just as much as older men.

So why are high SAT scorers cutting them off? My [ageist] guess is that the 20-somethings overrunning companies like Google don't want to be reminded that their parents are out trying to have sex with people their age. It makes them feel ickey, especially if it's their mom! is said to have ads on Facebook with whom they negotiated over ad content. Google, apparently, refused discussion.


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