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GOP Turned Back On Teen Male Pages, All Gay Republicans In Office Should Be Outed Now

Foley Panel: GOP Didn't Protect Pages

The House ethics committee reported Friday that Republican lawmakers and aides failed to protect young male pages from former Rep. Mark Foley's improper advances, concluding an investigation into a scandal that convulsed Congress and contributed to the GOP defeat in last month's elections.

The panel said it found no evidence that any current lawmakers or aides violated any rules. But it said it discovered a pattern of conduct among many "to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences" of Foley's conduct.

You know, this would remind me so much of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal except that Lewinsky was a consenting adult looking for action and the Democrats weren't using adultery as a wedge issue.

At this stage, I believe that all Republicans in office should be outed because the party as a whole has used gaybaiting to establish themselves in power.

No gay Republican in office deserves a place in the closet.

If you (yes YOU!) allow gay Republicans in office to remain closeted at this point in history, you are complicit in the antigay crimes of the Republican Party.


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