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I've been meaning to get back with more on Floyd Landis and accusations of doping in international cycling competitions.  Unfortunately, time demands I focus on other projects.

I do want to say that I recognize that my initial stance is a good example of jumping to final conclusions based on past evidence that does not necessarily provide proof in this case.  The fact that Lance Armstrong was the most tested of any cyclist in history and was never ultimately shown to be doping was a possible indicator that he was being unfairly harassed by officials in a sport that could not accept his achievements because they established a new level of accomplishment in the sport and because they came from an American who had survived cancer.  But that doesn't prove that Floyd Landis is undergoing the same treatment, however likely it may seem.

More recently, the validity of the testing labs have been brought into question by third party evaluators, the validity of the tests themselves have long been in question and the possibility of someone else spiking Floyd Landis's food or drink has to be considered.

What bothers me is seeing the press and various officials use propaganda techniques to shut down considerations of such concerns and take an accusatory stance when, scientifically speaking, valid concerns regarding all aspects of the testing process have yet to be addressed.

I'm also bothered by Greg Lemond's assumption about Landis given that he accussed Armstrong of doping without any evidence.  Lemond looks old and bitter these days, to be quite frank, when he could be appearing in ads with Lance if he'd played his cards right.

I'm not sure if the lab currently testing Landis's samples is the same one that has come under critique but, if I were Landis, I would not be trusting my B sample to the same lab that came up with the first results because the pressure is now on them both internally and externally to replicate those results as any competent technician would set out to do at this point.

Pushing for a quick test of the B sample may end up being a tactical error that undoes Floyd Landis without actually leading to any conclusions that approximates that mystical entity and/or state of being termed "truth".

I'll get back with more on this since I can get angry about the topic without alienating most folks.


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