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August 16, 2006


I hope they hunt him down, or cage him like he did the bear and shoot him with arrows.

Asshole people think they can get away with anything.

The killing of a tame and reportedly helpless animal is a dishonorable, despicable and shameful act. It is the deed of a rich, spoiled punk and it degrades all real hunters and the sport of hunting as a whole. I've created the "Cubby Bear" to help celebrate Cubby’s short life. A portion of the proceeds from every sale go to The American Bear Association to adopt a black bear in Troy Lee Gentry’s name.


He makes me want to puke. I will never buy another album of theirs. What a puss, has to stage a hunt instead of going out like a man and really hunting. He is a pathetic menis to society. I agree he should be put in a cage and shout through his cold hard heart and lay to suffer.

Does anyone know why I can't find the article on yahoo or Reuters anymore? it's still on BBC news. weird.

Thanks, I'll update the link.

This may have been an AP report. I didn't realize it happened with Reuters but a lot of news on Yahoo goes away after a few weeks. It's cheaper for them to license it for a short period and they must not feel that archiving is profitable.

But I generally try to pick links that I think will stick around.

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