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Brand Destruction Blogging: Battelle Watch

I don't know John Battelle though we've exchanged a few emails and I think that what he's up to at Federated Media is pretty darned interesting.  I'd hoped to get ProHipHop in at one point, but I just don't think I'll be doing the traffic that I suspect his platform requires.

Nevertheless, I'm always fascinated by such projects as Battelle Watch that claim to be written by insiders who are hiding their identity.

Reading Battelle Watch, I kind of think that Mr. Bubble is more or less who he says he is because who else would care about most of what he's discussing?  I find it interesting but it's not the sort of thing that an outsider would write.

I should point out that, though Mr. Bubble has a grudge against Battelle because he felt dicked over by whatever happened at the Industry Standard, Mr. B. was a happy member of the forces that destroyed the San Francisco I loved up until the collapse put him out of a job.

So, Mr. Bubble, fuck you very much.


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